Non-public higher education schools, which are teaching their students in the medical professions, are supported by ARUZE Sp. z o.o. in ensuring the education quality.
The support takes place by methodical and technical backing:

  • reorganisation of the didactical process aiming the implementation of new educational standards with the European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System, which is based on the student workload required to achieve the objectives of a programme,

  • preparation of the university teaching staff to implementation of test, which will objectively asses the students performance,

  • implementation of an objective didactical measurement of the student performance.

The services relating the educational quality are managed by an expert in the field
of objective assessment forms and worked many years with the National Medical Examination Commission and was the organiser and manager of the Educational Research Division.

Taking into account the qualification of the company’s management board, the offer include the education on the following majors: nursing, obstetrics, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, community work. This does not exclude the cooperation possibility on humanistic or social majors.

ARUZE Sp. z o.o. prepares in the Education sector an offer for business psychology trainings for managers.

ARUZE SP. z o.o. prepares in the Education sector an offer for first-aid-education (CPR-, BLS- and ALS-trainings).


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