ARUZE Sp. z o.o. (Ltd. Co.) acts on the health service market since 1999 by taking direct actions for the basic health care reform and the organisation of care on elder and disabled people.

Before the health care reform, the company management has cooperated with the Office for Foreign Aid Programmes in Health Care by the Ministry of Health relating the development of the health care management and with a team of experts of the Ministry of Health, who had prepared a strategy for clinical hospitals in the reorganised health care system and an academic development concept of educational systems for the needs of health care management.

After the reform was implemented 1999 the company has interceded itself as the co-author of the political program declaration Sojusz dla Zdrowia (Alignment for Health) and as the author of the corporation declaration QZdrowiu (Towards Health) for the perfecting of the implementation The Management has developed a know-how of a pioneer in Poland methodology of a investment feasibility study In cooperation with a French partner an private health insurance institution model has been established.

ARUZE Sp. z o.o. through its direct actions and its management’s merchandise has contributed to the cultivation of the health and social care system reform
and to the quality education standards in medical occupations. The experience and qualification of the management enables ARUZE Sp. z o.o. the solving of systems
and individual complex logistical problems.

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