Świadczenia zdrowotne

Medical services, which encompass services from the basic medical care and specialist gynaecological and obstetrical care, have been provided since 2001
on the basis of the contract with the Silesian Branch of the National Health Fund.
The mentioned services are provided in the outpatient clinic Poradnia Lekarza Rodzinnego i Zdrowia Kobiety BoVita, which acts as a non-public health care institution founded by the Company.

The outpatient clinic is managed by Dr. Lalita Malinowska – a specialist in family medicine and paediatrics. The clinic takes care for roughly 4000 patients.

The address of the outpatient clinic:

Poradnia Lekarza Rodzinnego i Zdrowia Kobiety
ul. Konstytucji 43
41 – 902 Bytom
tel. +48 32 2869971
fax +48 32 2869972


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